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Sustainable Operations & Compliance

CEOs all across the world struggle to maintain credibility because stakeholders think that significant environmental, social, corporate governance, and carbon targets haven’t made much progress. In order to achieve considerable success, businesses desperately need support putting their goals into action.
Increasingly strict global disclosure rules highlight this lack of progress and put corporate value, financial access, operating licenses, and competitive advantage in danger.

In the meanwhile, scientists claim that averting the worst consequences of climate change is substantially more advantageous if done before 2030 than if you do after. By encouraging improvements in corporate governance, environmental, social, and carbon performance as well as resource and cost efficiency, operating assets provide compelling short-term opportunities for firms to regain trust. The first step toward net-zero is putting tried-and-true technologies on operational assets.

Tetra Mock Pry has applied its five years of fundamental experience with traditional health and safety compliance for operating facilities in the sustainable operations’ paradigm in order to assist businesses in driving improvements in environmental, social, and corporate governance/carbon performance, maintaining compliance, operationalizing strategy, and disclosing with assurance.

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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Achieve the degree of financial rigor required by investors, stakeholders, and regulators while aggregating, disclosing, and ensuring Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. Science-based methodologies developed on 50 years of in-depth domain knowledge across a range of difficult sustainability topics are what drive improvements in data quality and performance in the areas of environmental, social, and corporate governance.

Management Systems, Compliance & Audits
Due to the expansion of global regulatory requirements and corporate commitments regarding environmental, social, and corporate governance as well as carbon, businesses urgently need to change their current Environment, Health and Safety-based management systems, compliance, and auditing programs.

ESG/Carbon Performance Improvements & Business Transformation
Facility level evaluations provide as a foundation for bottom-up initiatives to achieve ESG/carbon targets that are grounded in operations and business model realities. putting in place a program that integrates project planning and execution, staff capacity-building, and business planning and processes.

Our Certification and Verification Services (CVS) may provide third-party certification that is unbiased, independent, and certified to standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001.

Executives are under pressure to add more value in a business environment that is becoming more complex as a result of the exceptional change, new operational realities, and stakeholder expectations that are driving company responses.
Investments in sustainability, health, and safety programs, as well as environmental protection, must all either protect the company's interests or increase its value. Tetra Mock Pry supports leaders in adapting these programs to fit this new environment by more efficiently integrating the operations, health, safety, and sustainability departments.
We support businesses in lowering risk, growing income, and minimizing costs by putting a strong emphasis on business results and taking a comprehensive approach to health, safety, and sustainability.

Optimizing and Transforming Health and Safety
Tetra Mock Pry engages functional and operations teams to assess the need for change and co-design a new course that works to unify the organization and deliver results through more streamlined, effective, and efficient EHS and sustainability programs, whether the need for change is brought on by M&A activity, industry transformation, regulatory transgression, or other business factors.

Enterprise Transformation
More and more clients are relying on Tetra Mock Pry to execute and support different elements of their sustainability and health and safety programs. This allows companies to focus on their main business while gaining benefit from our vast expertise and comprehensive health, safety, and sustainability knowledge.
Our strategy unites operations teams and teams focused on health, safety, and sustainability by creating and evaluating fresh solutions to the issues that matter most to the organizations of our clients. This is accomplished through management consulting, digital advisory, organizational change management, and technical expertise in these areas.

Integrating Digital Approaches
The smarter, more integrated use of data may be the underlying theme of today's world of sustainability, health, and safety. Tetra Mock Pry assists clients in making greater use of the assets they have already invested in and gives operations the information they need to provide improved performance, from the shop floor to the executive suite.

CEOs and leadership teams have both been put to the test by the difficulties in recent years. To capitalize on the potential offered by technology, automation, and data, businesses must undergo fundamental change. Finding new approaches to work, involving workers, and reinventing organizational capabilities are necessary to drive entire company transformation.
Development of resilience and competency across leadership and talent, supported by your operational model, ecology, and culture, is essential for success.
Change is more necessary than ever. We provide individualized transformation that is value-led, asset-driven, and suited to your particular industry and functional needs. Our strategy is intended to implement long-lasting change and to develop a vision and a story that motivates your firm to be successful.

Business Change & Transformation
Delivering change and talent strategies as a component of our companies' corporate structure, functional, and operational changes adds value for our clients.

Enterprise and Industry Technologies
By integrating change and talent into each transformative journey, we support our customers through their platform-enabled, compressed changes.

Cloud Shift
With the help of our Cloud Change + Talent capabilities, we can help our clients with their cloud-enabled transformations, from migration to modernization to complete enterprise redesign.

Future of Work
Helping our customers think through the type of work they will do in the future and how they will succeed will enable them to define and expand their Future of Work.

The epidemic has altered the nature of work permanently, and businesses have adjusted and changed their operating procedures. They have to reconsider how they look out for the safety, health, and well-being of their workers. Additionally, employees anticipate a distinct relationship with their employers. Real-time rule revision is taking place. Tetra Mock Pry assists in creating HR departments that add value by focusing on the employee experience and using platforms, data, analytics, and AI to support them.
Elevate people. Lift your business.

Transformation of HR
Releasing human potential and developing an innovative staff and workplace that will enhance the client experience.

Experience of Employees
Treating staff members like consumers by enhancing their physical, digital, and interpersonal experiences during their time on the job.

Technical HR Solutions
Designing and implementing cloud-based HR solutions that improve customer experiences and provide company insights to add value.

Analytics for Human Resources
Personalized experiences are being delivered at scale to meet service delivery and corporate goals.

Employer Management
Using prescriptive data and analytics, managing the whole workforce, and keeping up with changing needs are possible.

HR Initiatives
Utilizing technology, data, and insights to create value while streamlining daily tasks and producing measurable business results

At the same time, as there are many opportunities today, there is also a lot of uncertainty. Leading companies are also heeding the now-urgent need to produce good impact beyond profit, fostering fairness and connectedness that benefits their employees and communities overall.
Being able to adjust quickly is necessary for success in this environment, and preparedness is necessary for adaptability. Businesses that foster a culture of learning that is ongoing, inclusive, diverse, and digitally enabled empower their employees today and prepare them for the future.
Tetra Mock Pry, in partnership with our partners, offers organizations AI, workforce planning, and technology solutions to identify and anticipate skill gaps and create the individualized learning and upskilling experiences they need to bring about long-lasting change by assisting their people and communities in realizing their full potential.

Talent Management
By developing AI-powered talent plans, firms can make sure they have the personnel needed for long-term success.

Talent Sourcing
To develop contemporary, interesting, and inclusive experiences in order to discover, attract, and secure the talent required for sustained development.

Management of Talent
Promote personal and organizational growth through performance management, high potential retention, career development, and succession planning.

Development of Talent
Develop people with the necessary skills for both current and future jobs by fostering cultures of lifelong learning made possible by AI and digital capabilities.

Today's CIO is quickly becoming into the new corporate "rock star," as well as a proponent for change, corporate transformation, and the reality of what new technologies can achieve. Technology is increasingly essential to guiding corporate strategy and assuring its success. However, investments in technology don't always yield the desired returns, and businesses are discovering that using technology to spur innovation is a significant issue.
Therefore, in order to construct and manage technology and large-scale change, organizations require a fundamentally new strategy that is better adapted to the dynamic nature of the modern business environment.
In response, we are here. Tetra Mock Pry's Technology Strategy & Advisory practice aids businesses in using technology and innovation to produce outstanding, long-lasting value from their technological investments by helping them to define their technology visions, carry out their digital transformation journeys, and reinvent their businesses.

Cloud strategy and advisory
Now that you are a cloud resident, learn to think and behave differently to get the most out of your cloud investment and its advantages.

Innovative operating model
Be more agile to adapt to shifting market needs. Create and deploy an operating model that is structured for growth, resiliency, and agility.

Resilient design
Make the most of contemporary architectural technology and methods to enhance business continuity and lower operational risk.

Technical merit
Measure your technology spending and make the most of it to define value, reduce expenses, and facilitate business change.

Analytics and automation
Real-time decision-making may be used to unlock the value of data, automation, and AI.

Technology of the future
Implement cutting-edge techniques and technology to transform your company.

Technology change
Increase efficiency and the return on investment for technology while rerouting the bulk of spending to innovation and growth.

Office for transformation
Manage difficult transitions from beginning to end while maintaining a laser-like focus on talent, vision, value, and technology.

Tech acquisitions and mergers
Utilizing disruptive technologies, shape, execute, and accelerate revolutionary M&A deals to achieve speed, innovation, and value.

Streamlining the onboarding procedure saves time, lowers the possibility of mistakes or missing tasks, and demonstrates your appreciation for the time of your new recruit. You can do away with mountains of paper and replace it with a simplified online experience for new recruits by using Tetra Mock Pry's onboarding and culture-introducing tools.

Getting rid of paper will hasten the onboarding of new employees. New hires encounter a speedier, more simplified process thanks to online applications and an organized framework.

Portable Access
New recruits may quickly study checklists and complete required documents with the help of mobile and laptop access to onboarding materials.

An Electronic Procedure
Paperless onboarding will save you time and enable you to immediately confirm that your new recruit has completed all necessary online paperwork. Forms I-9 and W-4, state withholding forms, authorization for direct deposit, and other documents are all part of the new hiring documentation.

Save Time & Prevent Errors
It takes time and money to find and hire new employees, so it's important for them to make a good first impression. Any blunder during the onboarding procedure may ruin the experience for the new recruit, resulting in bad morale, low engagement, and lower productivity. Effective onboarding programs simplify numerous chores for new hires, aid in maintaining open lines of communication, and show that your company respects the new employee's time.

Use E-Verify to Prevent Fines
You should ensure that every new recruit, both onsite and offshore, fills out the necessary paperwork on their first day of work because there might be fines for non-compliance or missing Form I-9s. You may save time and get rid of the possibility of human mistakes with the aid of E-Verify. The information can be forwarded to the E-Verify system once the Form I-9 online has been completed.

Employee Manuals
Your company may avoid potential fines and non-compliance with employment regulations by maintaining and updating your employee handbook, a record containing legally vetted rules.

Recruiting & Screening Services
Make hiring decisions with confidence and worry less about omissions that could subsequently result in legal action, theft, or ineffective training. Our screening services and background checks swiftly provide you with results by searching the most crucial sources.

Applicant Tracking & Recruitment
By streamlining activities and enhancing communication, efficient applicant monitoring and recruiting software helps speed up the hiring process. By reducing the cost per hiring, it could also result in financial savings.

The success of your business depends on the way you choose and hire your personnel. Enlist our HR services team to help you with hiring so that you may take advantage of our cutting-edge technologies and years of HR expertise. When it comes to hiring, interviewing, and onboarding new workers, our team of HR experts can provide advice and assistance. Payroll and Tetra Mock Pry Hiring work together to streamline the hiring process and increase accuracy.

Screening of employees and background checks
Verifying applicant information is made possible by our comprehensive personnel screening services, which also assist you in avoiding potential risks to your organization and employees such as theft, fraud, legal trouble, and other perils.

Applicant tracking and recruiting systems
Utilize our HR hiring solutions to simplify your challenging hiring procedures. All employee information passes via our applicant tracking system, reducing paperwork, and speeding up the recruiting process from the point we receive a candidate's job application to the point they are put to payroll.

Software for onboarding
New recruits may complete the required paperwork, and you have access to pertinent onboarding data that automatically updates your payroll. To ensure a seamless start for new employees, you may also communicate corporate policies.

Success as a solopreneur requires commitment, but you don't have to go it alone. Tetra Mock Pry-Self is made to assist owner-only firms (independent contractors, freelancers, and other self-employed people) with their payroll and retirement obligations.

Get Support and Expert Payroll Services
With years of expertise and specialized help from our payroll professionals, self-employed payroll is made quick and easy.

Create and Guard Your Business
Your personal and company assets are protected by startup and incorporation services.

Simplify Payroll Taxes and Save Money
Along with payroll, self-employed people can lower their tax obligations by making deductible contributions and building up S Corp savings.

Integrated Payroll Services for Independent Contractors
Your individual 401(k) contributions are withdrawn pre-tax when your 401(k) is integrated with payroll services, enabling you to increase your retirement savings while reducing your federal and state taxes. Our payroll software for independent contractors and solopreneurs can grow with your expanding business if you ever decide to bring on staff.

Pay Yourself Correctly: Payroll and Tax Savings
We can assist if you don't know how to pay self-employment taxes. Tetra Mock Pry-Self makes it simple to pay yourself a salary and set up your business as an S Corporation, which helps you save on self-employment taxes. Tax advantages of forming an S Corporation:
Payroll taxes are easy to manage since they are deducted immediately from your paycheck.
To lower your taxable income, deduct your wage.
On income generated over your reasonable wage threshold.

Business transformation entails making significant adjustments to your organization's processes, methods, technologies, and corporate culture. Additionally, it should unquestionably help your organization and its stakeholders by helping it to realize its goals and objectives.
Transformations are in fact complicated. Programs, however, have a better chance of succeeding if there is a defined goal, efficient governance, a dedicated transformation office, and a readiness to accept change. To put it simply, CEOs require vision, boldness, and leadership to motivate the whole company to support them and collaborate on common objectives.
Beyond overcoming obstacles and seizing market opportunities, effective transitions have many other advantages. Projects will profoundly question and alter how an organization runs, from its goods and services and technological and operational procedures to its culture and values.

Transformation Strategy
Create a transformation strategy with clear strategic goals, targets, and actions.

Transformation Planning
Create a transformation strategy with funding needs and precise deadlines for each effort.

Transformation Management
Establish a transformation management office under the direction of a full-time, committed staff.